Battle of the Beasts 4x4

Family Fun Day

Bastion 4×4 Family Day
Battle of the Beasts 2019
Event Participation
T’s & C’s

By joining the Bastion 4×4 Family Day event (which includes but is not only limited to our members, agents, organisers, sponsors, advertisers, affiliates, associates and/or their families and their agents, organizers, sponsors, advertisers, members, affiliates, associates and/or their families), you unequivocally
agree that you have read, understood and explicitly agree to the following Terms and Conditions:


  • Human safety first – no compromise.
  • Any and all “ego/s” are left at the gate and may only be collected the following day. You will not be
    forced to complete any tasks or obstacles; and you are free to opt out or skip an obstacle at any
  • We are all here to enjoy the event so: no deliberate stunts, risks, danger -or any other activity that
    might endanger the lives and/or property of any of the participants and/or their property; will be
  • Please follow the instructions of the event organisers during the event. Their duty is to care for the
    safety of all attendees by taking reasonable steps to prevent harm coming to anyone.
  • (read the very first line of the next section carefully)




  • In no event and/or under no circumstance/s will the event organisers of the event be held liable for
    any injuries no matter how severe, loss and/or damage, including, without limitation, indirect
    and/or consequential loss and/or damage, or any loss and/or damages whatsoever arising from
    participation in any of our events.
  • Thus, you explicitly agree that the event organisers will not be liable to any party and/or
    participant/s for any direct, indirect, special -or consequential damages and/or loss, including
    without limitation; any loss/damage to property, any injuries sustained, any loss of life and/or any
    damages relating to but not only limited to any injuries sustained, while attending any of our
    events. (Please read the very FIRST line under the Disclaimer section again).
  • Any suggestions, content and/or advice the event organisers might give; does not constitute any
    form of expert, legal -or other advice, recommendation -or arrangement and is not intended to be
    relied upon by you in making (or refraining from making) any specific judgement, call and/or other
    decision/s. The appropriate expert advice should be obtained by yourself before making any such
    decision/s -or using the potential information supplied for any purpose.

All rights are reserved – including that the event organisers may amend any of our terms and/or conditions
at any time without notice and that only the latest version of such, will be legally binding upon you.


  • Right of Admission is Reserved and all the attendees unequivocally agree to abide by the
    particular event/venue’s rules -and the event organisers’ terms and conditions at all times.
  • Participants may be required to appear in print publications, or online web sites to endorse,
    promote or advertise the event.
  • E&OE (errors and omissions excepted)


The use of or access to this facility constitutes the user’s acceptance of the above terms and conditions.

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